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While the milk you’re receiving may not spoil and can have a good shelf life but these metrics doesn’t guarantee that the milk you receive is unadulterated. Milk vendors usually add chemicals like urea, detergents to make sure that the milk doesn’t spoil which has been covered extensively in the media as well. Our milk is unadulterated and we have certificates to prove it, Try our free milk for a day and see for yourself.

Our milk is tested extensively and we have certificates that agree to our notion that our milk is free from any kind of adulteration. We also have no questions asked refund policy.

We deliver all products before 7:00 AM or between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM right at your doorsteps

We place all the products inside our well-designed bags and then we hang it at your door in the morning. At evening our rider delivers to your home personally

We have a no questions asked return and refund policy if you aren’t satisfied with any of our product. Your amount will be credited to you in a day.

Just submit the payable amount at the end of the week (Sunday) through our COD (cash on delivery) service or when our rider delivers it to you